Should I drive or fly to Placencia?

In a nutshell if you are economically driven and want to be able to explore the country on your own without guides, driving is your best bet. If you want to relax, spend most of your time doing beach and ocean activities, flying is your best option. The only reason to do the shuttle would be if you are a nervous traveler and do not feel comfortable driving or flying.

  1. Rent a vehicle and drive
    Driving – for a week trip as long as you have at least 4 people per vehicle driving ends up being less expensive than flying. The drive is 3 hours with easy to follow directions. 1 hour is through the rainforest and unbelievably beautiful. If you drive you have the benefit of having a vehicle to do inland excursions. Also you can usually make time on your way in or out to stop to zip line, explore St. Herman’s cave or go to the Belize Zoo maximizing a travel day. We do advise trying to get to the house pretty close to dark as there aren’t a lot of street lights in Belize. With that being said a flight arriving at 4pm or later will not allow you to get to Placencia before dark and the drive in the dark is much harder and NOT advised!

  2. Take the prop plane
    Flying - the flight is only 30 minutes so even with wait time in Belize City and drive from the Placencia airport to the Villa you are only looking at 1:30 max travel time vs. the 3-hour drive. The flights cost $220USD + tax round trip per person. WE WILL BOOK YOUR LOCAL FLIGHTS FOR YOU AND ARRANGE FOR YOUR PICK UP AT THE PLACENCIA AIRSTRIP. All you have to do is forward us your international flight details so we can get you booked right on local flights.

  3. Hire a shuttle

Kenisha Hoare